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hc26 usb driver

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Win 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Latest version:
13.18 22/5/11
Last month's downloads:
59 MB
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TESTED VIRUS FREE - hc26 usb driver

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We've analyzed the latest version of hc26 usb driver with 30 antivirus engines and found that it’s virus-free.

Download hc26 usb driver

User reviews hc26 usb driver

  • September 29, 2012, 22:50 | Posted by Virgil1976

    mstsc /span = awesome. just tried it on our 2003 ts and it looks great.remote programs = awesomeremote access of local hard drives = awesome.the only reason i'm giving it a 4 is like the review below about the extra security. i understand why they put it in but now there's a bunch of extra clicks that are kinda annoying. still, a great job.
  • January 29, 2013, 17:47 | Posted by Aaron1973

    simple to use, reliable, full of useful tools for all your picture editing needs, and it reads every image format ever devised. ;) no other viewer does that. i can even view pictures from atari or commodore... incredible program. it's not a bad file browser, too. small and compact, portable, too. i cannot praise it enough. however, just one thing always bothers me with xnview: it feels slow. i mean especially filters and zoom in-out if filtering is enabled. why not using hardware acceleration for that, and a little bit more efficient code. that would make me give it ten stars. :) so because the code feels a bit slow, just five stars. :) thank you for a great program. i've been using it for like 10 years or so. [after acdsee that became too bloated for me]
  • October 29, 2012, 02:25 | Posted by Rollo1980

    outside of windows 8, all anyone still needs is version 9.x. in fact, adobe released an update to version 9 today(9.5.3). version 10 was a bloated disaster, however, version 11 appears less bloated, but bloated nonetheless. version 10.x was 1 star, version 11.x is 2 1/2 stars for the less bloat, and version 9.x is 4 stars.when adobe no longer supports version 9, i'll give pdf-xchange viewer a try. it does look very promising.
  • October 17, 2012, 15:18 | Posted by Gabriel1974

    great game, i play this almost as much as many of my retail games. i would probably play it more though if some of my friends played it too.
  • January 03, 2013, 17:10 | Posted by Gideon1983

    when doing batch operation for volume boost, it cant do subfolders, otherwise it would be perfect.
  • January 01, 2013, 17:30 | Posted by Rufus1977

    i use xp pro, sp2. i saw outgoing traffic, bu could not find out what's causing this. this proggie detected the bas****. removing took a while, but all was automatic and basically easy. thank you!
  • February 05, 2013, 15:25 | Posted by Silas1972

    muito massa
  • October 08, 2012, 21:39 | Posted by Bryce1974

    pure junk
  • September 15, 2012, 11:21 | Posted by Gregory1979

    some interface and slow-down issues are showing up in this latest release. dragging and dropping entries onto the app often results in screen corruption, which sometimes can be dealt with by scrolling up and down the file list. also, when i do drag and drop those files over, sometimes the speed at which they are added is noticeably slower than 1.0.14 and 1.0.15.i hope the developer is able to lock down the code on the core features before adding the enhanced tag editing / presentation and other useful concepts. i'm a big supporter of bonk, but this development version does feel a bit more "raw" than i would have expected, and crashes happen frequently enough to be of concern.please keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping it free.

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hc26 usb driver


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